M arketing in the digital age has matured. We are well past the days of “see what sticks” online marketing, where marketers chased flavor-of-the-week platforms at their peril. Today, Digital is deeply rooted in strategy, where results are verifiable, and return on investment is real.

Logo Design

We’re old school: our creative director is more comfortable with pen and paper than a mouse or mouse pad. But not just more comfortable, more creative. And, when you think about it, that makes perfect sense for logo design: ever see anyone brainstorm ten logo ideas in ten minutes using a computer? Neither have we. And if there was ever a discipline that required brainstorming — it’s logo design.

Our logo designs are exceptional because we’re old school: we use wit and creativity to create timeless logo designs – not fancy computer effects that may dazzle the eye, but fizzle with time.

Web Design

Our highly-qualified team of web designers can build and develop complete website solutions for your business, entirely in-house. From continuous-scroll websites to 3D virtual tours, we focus on creating a more rewarding user experience that will achieve longer retention rates and more page visits. We listen, we learn, we create: taking time to fully understand the objectives and target audience of your website.

Website Disciplines

  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Shopping Cart and E-Commerce Web Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Animation and Video

Print Design

Print design encapsulates all graphic design and marketing solutions that require printing — posters, banners, leave-behinds, trade show graphics, package design, presentation folders, brochures, direct mail design, business card design and anything else that comes off a printing press.

Signage & Tradeshow Graphics

When you need signs, banners or graphics for your tradeshow, rely on KDDMWorX for a turnkey solution. Not only do we create compelling, eye-catching designs that are branded to your business, we also provide solutions for fabrication of your display as well. Plus, we offer solutions for any type of signage you may need.

Brochure Design

Since our inception, KDDMWorX has been creating outstanding brochure designs of all descriptions and sizes, in both print and digital format. From dozens of local businesses throughout the U.S.A., our creative talents have been relied upon to create quality, branded brochure designs.

Print Advertising

We design ads that work for your business. We know that the rules of engagement are unique for print ads. What works in newspaper might not work in magazines. We create copy-writing, imagery and designs that command the attention of your audience quickly, and leads them purposely through the content and ultimately to action.


Rely on our skillful copy writing to promote your business, product or brand. No one knows your business like you — so oftentimes, you know what you want to say, but not quite how to say it. Our copy writers will work with your team to identify the key message and supporting content, and then we will deliver that that message in a compelling, easily-digestible format that holds your audiences’ attention.


Everybody knows that brand positioning means standing out from the crowd, and differentiating yourself from your competition. Effective brand positioning means you should be asking yourself if your product can be used in ways that your competitors products can’t.

Are your manufacturing processes different? Do you use different materials? Is your product more durable, more eco-friendly, or possessed of a higher build quality? If you provide a service, does your service staff possess qualifications or certifications that the competition doesn’t? If your product or service is substantively different from those of your competition, make sure your customers and potential customers know about it.

It isn’t enough merely to be different from the competition, though; it’s important to be different from the competition in ways that matter to your market. If your target market is concerned about the environment, informing them of your ecologically friendly manufacturing processes is a great idea. Telling them about how much excess power your device can output when compared to the competition might not be as useful. Stand out, but only in the ways that matter to your market.

Project/Program Management

KDDMWorX knows that the key to any successful project is a solid project management team and the processes they enforce. The right project manager reduces crisis management, reduces duplication of efforts, improves productivity and keeps your projects on track.

Business Analysis

From pure process changes to enterprise application development and implementation, business analysis is a discipline that requires the skills to elicit and document requirements as well as the know-how to identify the best solution to meet or exceed the business need.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

A structured approach to change is critical in any major initiative, whether it be an organizational change or large IT implementation. By utilizing the right skills and communication tools, OCM will help you achieve your desired state faster, minimize impacts and reduce unnecessary distractions.


Strategic direction based on years of experience and technical expertise is integral to all projects we work on. Building strategic road maps to guide client efforts can both reduce the cost of later changes and lead clients to continued success.

Digital Product Management

Spanning the range from embedded multimedia applications to sales demonstration mobile apps, KDDMWorX has managed the successful deployment and management of award-winning digital products.

Customer-centric marketing strategies are vital to capturing competitive advantage and sustaining business success.

KDDMWorX implements the core concepts and tools of contemporary strategic marketing management—from market segmentation and product positioning to consumer needs and buying behavior to digital and social media marketing. The MTeaM will emerge with the skills and framework to develop and manage an integrated marketing strategy that creates value for your customers and generates profitable growth for your firm.